Sass Guidelines

Opinionated style guide for writing maintainable Sass code

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2015
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Similar in spirit to Better Specs, this opinionated style guide helps you write clean code for the Sass CSS preprocessor. One can disagree on the details, but in my experience it is super helpful to agree on code style instead of debating minor issues like whitespace.
@lukasfittl +1 would even add one and say: codestyles can only work if there are linters in place and used
@andreasklinger Yup! Would love if there was something like CoffeeLint but for Sass, based on these guidelines.
@andreasklinger @lukasfittl There is, it is called SCSS-Lint. Sass Guidelines even provide a default configuration file for SCSS-Lint here:
@lukasfittl May I add that specifics do not matter. Only consistency is key. Pick the guidelines you feel comfortable with, as long as you stick to them. Sass Guidelines project does not intend to provide the best way of writing Sass code. It is only a rock solid base for people to build upon.
I really like these guidelines, mostly because it fits in with how I do things already. Going to give the lint a try