Parse server hosting for busy people



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Radoslav Stankov — Tech @ Product Hunt
Parse is shutting down on January 28, 2017. looks like a solid alternative for it.
Marian Ignev — Managing Director at SashiDo
@rstankov Thank you for the support Rado!
Marian Ignev — Managing Director at SashiDo
Hi hunters, I’m Marian, CEO of SashiDo. We are very passionate about the future of MBaaS, this is why we spent this past year working on SashiDo. We wanted to create a hassle-free Parse hosting for busy people - and we did it.

We believe that developers need to focus on their apps instead of taking care of infrastructural issues and menial technical obstacles. We centered our entire service around that concept and ended up with a solution that is easy to use, scalable, requires no technical expertise and offers a 100% Parse-like experience.
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