Parse server hosting for busy people

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Hi hunters, I’m Marian, CEO of SashiDo. We are very passionate about the future of MBaaS, this is why we spent this past year working on SashiDo. We wanted to create a hassle-free Parse hosting for busy people - and we did it. We believe that developers need to focus on their apps instead of taking care of infrastructural issues and menial technical obstacles. We centered our entire service around that concept and ended up with a solution that is easy to use, scalable, requires no technical expertise and offers a 100% Parse-like experience.
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Parse is shutting down on January 28, 2017. looks like a solid alternative for it.
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@rstankov Thank you for the support Rado!
Been running Sashido in production since beginning of December. Very happy so far! Sashido support was very helpful during the migration process :-)
@claesjacobsson Thank you for supporting us Claes! Guys like you motivate us every day!
I spent several days last month trying to determine what to do with my apps and decided to go with Sashido over other hosted Parse providers (including self hosting) for the following reasons: * Simple and thorough migration process. * Responsive and helpful customer support. * Professionalism and transparency on their website regarding company information, team, investors, etc. * Documentation (tutorials, setup, configuration of their service) * Polished UI/UX above and beyond what Parse Server provides, including improved JSON data entry/editing, Cloud Code integration with GitHub and more. * Reasonable pricing plus the fact that they charge for their service - and even though my apps are small, I want to pay for the services that I use to support them.
@derekleerock Awesome feedback Derek! Thank you so much for sharing this! You are awesome!
I've been working with Sashido since late December (yes, procrastinating the Jan 28 deadline) and I've been extremely impressed. The customer support is some of the best out there. The only snags I've hit were out of their control and they were still there with a smiley to keep me moving forward in my migration process. I love that I have full access to my database too!
@lukehutyler Thanks for sharing you experience Luke! We appreciate it!