Artificial Intelligence for Digital Ad Campaigns

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Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder
Hey there, ProductHunters! Big thanks to Kumar for hunting our SashaBot. SashaBot is Artificial Intelligence for ad campaigns that lives in Google Sheets. Ask SashaBot questions about your digital ad campaign's performance using ordinary words, and she will give you an answer. Type “Show me my spend, CPA by week for last month,” for example, or “Facebook Conversions from last week by day” and SashaBot will quickly respond with either digits or a table that you can then customize or add to. Sashabot is still in beta so if there is a question she can't answer for you, please comment below or email us at What will you ask SashaBot? Daniel Founder/CEO of RTB-Media
Kumar ThanguduHunter@datarade · Technologist
@daniil_kravtsov @rtb This bot is awesome for digital campaigns! Nice work guys. How many ad platforms do you support?
Ali QuigleyMaker@ali_quigley · Director of Growth,
@datarade @daniil_kravtsov @rtb Hi Kumar! We support 16 platforms (social media, search, display) currently but we can include more if needed.
Ali QuigleyMaker@ali_quigley · Director of Growth,
What kinds of questions do your clients want answer's to fast about ad campaigns?
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
The RTB-Media team is extremely responsive and helpful. This solves a ton of problems ad tech people run into in re: to reporting and is done in a simple way.
Ali QuigleyMaker@ali_quigley · Director of Growth,
@swetzequity Happy to hear it! In what ways has SashaBot (or our services) helped streamline your digital reporting?
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
I'm still playing around with the Sasha bot, but the biggest advantage I've seen is an automated way to pull in analytics from multiple social platforms. I'm hoping to use Sasha bot as a client facing UI
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
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