Tons of amazing projects get built and gather hundreds of thousands of views but never make a cent. Meanwhile, businesses could use these niche products as a way to build brand awareness but it's often a lost opportunity.

Solution:, a directory of side hustles looking for sponsors prior/after launch.🚀

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This is an awesome idea. Hopefully it takes off, I can definitely see the value in this. I listed my site there! 😄
@tal_botnar thank you! I've recently been reading MAKE (shoutout @levelsio) and wanted to give a shot at making something simple and quick. Glad you like it 😃
Amazing concept. Looking Forward
@felixjoy thanks Felix! Glad you like the idea
this is great. It would be awesome if you could modify your listing once it's been posted. It's also not immediately clear how you sponsor something on the list since clicking the only link just loads that site.
@_taurean definitely things that could be implemented - this was a super MVP but there's definitely more possible functionality to be added such as peer-peer payments/ability to edit pages/listing metrics/ownership verification. Thanks for the feedback!
@kylesamera totally fair, looking forward to what you do next.