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Story time! A few years ago, I took a few weeks off to vacation in Kauai, HI. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime: Snorkled every day, camped on the beach, got engaged to my girlfriend, and had one too many piña coladas (ahhhh, the piña coladas). I found all the good spots and hidden gems around the island (waterfalls, hidden pools, and places to catch a great sunset). Fast-forward to modern day: I still have those vacation photos on my phone.... But I have a hard time remembering *where* I was when I took those photos. Not too long ago, my friend asked me for recommendations on where to go / stay on the island and my mind went a little fuzzy. I had to dig up photos, remember where I was, and THEN I put all of those hotspots in a lengthy email to her. * * * * * SaraGEO is a new way to make maps of all your favorite places. Where ever you are in the world, you can drop a pin on a map simply by taking a photo or recording a video. You can drop pins of your favorite places on your personal map, browse them, and share them with friends. This app would've been SUPER helpful when my friend was asking for recommendations on Kauai (soooo, we built it!). We want to re-imagine the way you create, share, and experience maps beyond simple driving directions and looking for businesses. There's probably a map of places living in your head (right now) that could probably live on a map -- maybe favorite brunch spots, bars, hiking trails, or cat shelters. So with all that, thanks for the hunt and for checking out the app! I'd love to hear your feedback :) Best, Sean Appstore Link:
Hi, I can't download the app in the US App Store. Is it no longer in service?