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Bo Wang
ML, NLP, Health
I read "Find fellow intellectuals to love" as dating app for academia. And admittedly I got excited a little...
This is my app. I'd be happy to answer any questions!
Sean MurphyLightning "Get any service fast!"
@kristin_tynski I love this Kristin! It's intelligent ;) Thanks for making it! I also like the video. Who did you have make it? Also I am working on a niche matchmaking app as well. Could I pm you to ask you questions about a successful launch?
Gabriel Varaljayco-founder of @envienta and @govixt
@kristin_tynski brilliant idea, I am just worried about the traction / for example if I am in UK what is the chance to meet somebody? Or it will be a long distance relationship? What you do to get more users?
JMRHelping make dreams come true.
The real value behind this app is how you become more visible to more potential mates based on the number of questions you answer. People who are genuinely interested in meeting someone authentic and lovable will see the value in answering more "about me" questions, and from my experience, those who are willing to share more than pics are more interesting, better educated, and much friendlier. Way to go Kristin!
Great idea, but poor execution. Wishing you guys the best!
@dilyaraskar I appreciate the best wishes. Maybe you could DM me with your thoughts on where you see room for improvement.
Alex Weber
Marketing & Design
From the makers: "The only dating app that gets to the core of people through their lived experiences, heartfelt opinions, and bold passions." That sounds like a good approach :-)
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