A brief history of humankind

Part of the Mark Zuckerberg Book Recommendations collection "Following the Muqaddimah, which was a history from the perspective of an intellectual in the 1300s, 'Sapiens' is a contemporary exploration of many similar questions," Zuckerberg writes.
I'm reading Sapiens these days. It's really great. Definitely material everyone should read to get a deeper perspective on why humans do what they do.
Fantastic, I actually followed an online course by Yuval Noah Harari, made before the book was published with the same material. Incredible journey through history and various concepts relevant today
my most favorite book. I read it around 60% and then decided to re-read - that good!
One of the most interesting and thought provoking books I've read in years. If you liked Guns Germs and Steel you'll love Sapiens.