Secret Santa with the Product Hunt community

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This is amazing, @lindsey_io, @sadokx, and @noxowe. Everything from the illustrations to the copy. You nailed the kittenish Product Hunt vibe. 💕 We'll put something extra special in your stocking this year. Check your mailbox soon!
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@rrhoover Thank you! I can't say I wasn't a bit nervous trying to put my spin on the PH kitty. I couldn't let the awesome PH community down <3
I really thank everyone in the name of our little team who participates in this! We think that PH community is one of the best out there and we hope we will make some happy days for all of you :) A little background on this project: About a day ago @sadokx asked for some help for this. I immediately realized how good the idea is and started to code the back-end part of this. By that time the logos were ready and a basic site layout design but we built this in a day with perfect teamwork, so I would like to thank all my maker mates of this product for the amazing work! Happy Hunting!
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@noxowe awesome stuff....what did you code it in ?
@dudehere @noxowe PHP for backend with Postgres because we needed to create this fast :)
I wonder what gifts I'll get... Don't send anything that is breathing Internationally... and no Bieber CDs
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@bentossell I am going to not-so-anonymously send you a sh*t ton of Bieber paraphernalia. Shirts, hats, socks, pins, pants, you name it. BIEBER FEVER, MAN. You'll catch it one day.
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@katesegrin @bentossell I wish I got Ben when we totally randomly generate pairs. I mean my inner self forbids me to game the system, but I want to game the system so hard! :D
@bentossell I'd get coal :D
@bentossell Oh darn, "What do you mean?" "Sorry"
@delwilliams Mark my words, I'll show you - where are U now?
We reached 100 upvotes! This was the milestone I wanted to reach before 9AM PDT and we did it! Thanks for everyone who is interested and who upvoted!
Awesome idea - can't wait to find a gift for my match!