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Daniele UgoliniMaker@ugolino_me · Founder of
Hi, ProductHunt! 🎄 🎅 Christmas is coming and this year we decided to built a SantaBOT with Chatfuel to find out what our young nephews were dreaming to receive from Santa. We also integrated Google Christmas games to let them approaching coding and having fun at the same time! 🙂 We realized that every kid got crazy about the opportunity to interact with Santa so we decided to share SantaBOT with the PH community. If you have any chance to have a look, share it with your kids and let us know how to make a better AI and interaction, it would be great so this BOT could become a special gift to all the children around! 😀 Oh Oh Oh Merry Christmas!
Oksa Zavoyko@oksa_zavoyko · Co-founder Aware Mind Inc
@ugolino_me Hi, Daniele, Talk to Santa on Christmas, what a Great Idea! Thank you for making it happen. I'd love to talk to Santa more and not interested in playing games. I can help you add more conversation by writing a list of questions which will help users reflect and let go of 2016 and dream/ask for a great life in 2017. Let me know if you need it.
Daniele UgoliniMaker@ugolino_me · Founder of
@oksa_zavoyko thanks. Yes now we address the kid to play or learn since the AI is very basic. The list of questions would be very appreciated and it's very helpful for us!
Oksa Zavoyko@oksa_zavoyko · Co-founder Aware Mind Inc
@ugolino_me ok, I'm finishing my current task and starting to be Santa-Psychologist) Will send it by mail in a couple of hours. I work with Chatfuel as well, so know the structure of Q&A.
Daniele UgoliniMaker@ugolino_me · Founder of
@oksa_zavoyko awesome! thanks. my email is
Vincent Magaline@vincemagaline · Growth Marketer, Startup Founder
Great job guys! I think it's supposed to be Ho Ho Ho though, and not Oh Oh Oh ;)
Michele Di BlasioMaker@diblamic · Founder, Craftain
@vincemagaline ahaha thanks! We are too used to the Italian version! ;)