Santa's Ideas

Handpicked gifts people love

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is coming !

Need last-minute original gifts ideas ?

Santa got you !

Scott Ragin
  • Scott Ragin
    Scott RaginDigital Marketer

    Various ideas


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    Cools tool. When fantasy is not enough )

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Victor Baudot
Victor BaudotMaker@victor_baudot
Every year, I spend a lot of times searching for christmas gifts and I thought this would be nice to make and share a list of gifts that people love So I asked my friends, people on slack channels, discord, facebook groups and started to gather a cool list Then, I spent hours on blogs and reddit to find other ideas before going to real shops in my city And now, I can share with you this nice list of handpicked gifts ideas What is the best gift you offered or received ?
Sergio Mattei
Sergio Mattei@ftxrc · Student maker and founder
Huge congrats on the launch!
Victor Baudot
Victor BaudotMaker@victor_baudot
@ftxrc Thank you Sergio :)
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq@fajarsiddiq ·
Awesome happy for you!
Revo Mevo
Revo Mevo@barkbrian · Football player.
The ideas are quite great, though I haven't found anything drastically original. As for my experience the present which caused a good feedvack was diamond painting. My friends and relatives extremely enjoy it. Check for yourself