Sans Forgetica

Scientifically designed font to help remember study notes

Sans Forgetica is a font designed using the principles of cognitive psychology to help you to better remember your study notes.

It was created by a multidisciplinary team of designers and behavioural scientists from RMIT University.

Download it for free today.

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Pros: It looks a great idea at first Probable Cons: After a while your brain should/will adopt the typeface and effect of hard reading should/will disappear. I would love to hear results after long usage 🙂
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Will a student please try this and report back? I believe in it.
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This looks awesome. Thank you for making such a thing. I would like to use this for my commercial project. Can you tell me what the license is?
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@sungho I wouldn't use it commercially. See my review.
Kind of misleading to cite a 7% performance increase but not provide the study that produced those results, especially since it was done in collaboration with RMIT.
I've been working on an offline browser with support for annotations and spaced repetition and was considering adding this as a standard font:
Appreciate the plug