Get the exact data you need from Google Search Console.

Get the exact data you need from Google Search Console in less time.
Automate your page speed tests, SEO tests, and more so you can make better decisions and get faster results.
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Hey everyone, My name is Nick and I'm the founder (and solo bootstrapper) of SanityCheck. I've been doing SEO since around 1998 and the fun times of Alta Vista and Excite. A couple of years ago I realised how much time I spent in spreadsheets so I decided to use the API for Google Search Console to automate a lot of the manual time consuming jobs I was doing. After an initial MVP, once I started building a few pre-configured reports I realised other people would find this useful too. I use the tool every day to: - discover new content ideas - find content and pages to improve - identifying click through rate improvement opportunities - run SEO tests to see if changes have improved rankings - making sure PageSpeed scores remain good on important pages This was initially a 'scratch your own itch' type product, but it has been improved massively from customer feedback. I use it every day and it saves me hours and hours of time each week. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.
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It is a simple to use yet highly effective tool. I have used it for strategic SEO growth around high value key word rankings since it launched and it has really paid off. I am a paying customer btw :-)


Easy to use and the information it gives you is amazing


Can become addictive :-)

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Does it work for other languages than English @nickswan ?
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@spekulatius1984 yeah it'll work with whatever language the Google queries are in.
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Been using this product for a while, and some of the deeper insights it offers me as an SEO and content creator is brilliant. I strongly recommend diving into using this tool if you are looking for ideas to create better content based on your own data. It also has some great SEO testing features that you need to give a go
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@davidiwanow Likewise. Thanks to Nick for creating this.
@nickswan wow, finally a product to enrich and structurize Search Console's data :) How about we publish an interview about SanityCheck at StartupRadius? Ping me at if interested!
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