Design a room with magical automated tools 🏡✨

Hey friends! Thanks for checking out our newest interior design tool, Sandcastle. We noticed it takes hours to create a design board because there are so many manual steps involved: 1. Download the furniture image from the retailer's website 2. Open in Photoshop 3. Remove the white background (all product images are JPGs) 4. Scale it properly (by eye) 5. Distort to show perspective (also by eye) 6. Drag into place Sandcastle automates all the repetitive steps (1-5), so all you have to do is drag furniture/accessories into place (step 6). It removes the backgrounds from products automatically, places them in the room with the right scale and perspective, and then creates a list of all the products in the room with links. It will take 30 seconds to try out a dozen coffee tables, instead of minutes each. We're still building it and open to feature requests, let us know what you think!
This is very interesting, I've used the amazing but was frustrated as you couldn't import anything, and the items were limited to their catalog. I still think you might have a hard time competing with such products, 3d visualisation helping a lot when creating interior design: Any plans on going 3d? Cheers!
@widawskij Thanks Jonathan. 3D would definitely be higher fidelity, but we'd run into the same limited catalog issue. Furniture models are unfortunately hard to come by. Instead, we've found our auto-scaling and auto-perspective features give a nice balance between 2D and 3D. Designers (and involved homeowners) will be able to create boards like this in half the time and get much more realistic results:
My girlfriend should like this for interior design,got it 👍🏼
I did not receive my confirmation email. Also can the designs be embedded on web pages?
@basictechy You should be getting a confirmation email soon. You'll be able to export designs as images but we hadn't thought about embedding directly. What kind of site would you be interested in embedding designs in?
Way to go guys, I have been using this Chinese interior design app super cool. I can import floor plan from my builder, draw cad on top, put in total square feet, it will auto determine the size of each wall.
@huangdun I just watched their video - that looks sweet. Do they sell furniture or are those just models?
@vanessa_ronan I think they work with furniture companies, so the user can put exactly what they want into the model.
@vanessa_ronan - Has this launched yet or are you just collecting emails? My wife is a designer and wanted to try this for a two projects she has now. I tried signing up too... how long before its live or in beta? Thanks.
@lekanb Hi Lekan, we haven't launched yet, it'll be a few months. We built an app for decor enthusiasts that she might like while we're working on the web tool for professional designers - Since we're mid-build we're open to feature requests. If your wife has any ideas to make Sandcastle her ideal work tool, feel free to pass along my email