Sand Hill Exchange

Fantasy Stock Exchange for Startups

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I love this!!!
@utekkare This is very much your style! ;)
Silicon Valley is in another tech bubble and everyone knows it. Product Hunt allows users to upvote the products they like. We built a prediction market in the form of a stock exchange so that people can downvote as well.
@eiaine "Silicon Valley is in another tech bubble and everyone knows it." Well reasoned.
By the way, I'd like to point out that Product Hunt is trending on Sand Hill Exchange!
@eiaine where can I see our market cap? :) Also, what happened on Sept 21st? Looks like we tanked. Ha!
@rrhoover Product Hunt prices had been rising for a while on fundraising rumors (congratulations on your Series A, btw!)
This seem safer than losing all of our LPs money :) Is this meant for investors, startup fans or both?
@Percival The exchange is meant for startup fans to share sentiment on startups, the aggregated data can be used by investors as they see fit.
this is fun.