Sanctuary Safety App

The new way to keep your employees safe

Sanctuary Safety App is a new way of making sure all your employees are safe by sending push notifications to your employees and getting a real-time response back.

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I really like this idea. However, the pricing is far too much in my opinion - for such a transactional service and really a "safety net", you need to be at disposable spend levels. Also, I would like to see other ways to mark yourself safe other than just a response to a push notification - e.g. phone call in, SMS, etc. Any current plans to do this? I can see some real benefits of this if the pricing model was totally overhauled. My current organisation would have a real desire for something like this but not at this price point I'm afraid!
David Amato
Director @Sanctuary Technology
@scott_clennell Hi Scott, Thank you for your feedback on the app, We have marked our price points by looking at some similar products but they are marked a lot higher as they have the SMS feature and this comes with additional costs. We are looking to introduce this feature and hoping that our current price points will cover the costs, our only current drawback is to find a way to update the employee list via SMS instead of Notification. Currently the admin user has visibility over all the employees and if anyone is marked as not safe (or even safe) they have the possibility to call, text or email them to follow up on their status. If you wish to sign up for the free version (up to 25 users) then you can test out the app to see the different features. I am also happy to follow up on any further questions or feature requests you would like Thank you David