Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The new, powerful smartphone in the Note line

Galaxy Note10 is a new line of premium smartphones that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productivity tools to help you make the most of every moment.
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17 Reviews2.6/5
No headphone jack = no thanks. Note 8 owner.
Cool, but it's not an iPhone 😕
Would you get this over an iPhone? 🤔
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@amrith no, only because of iOS
Galaxy is,the best
Was an avid iPhone user ever since the original version (2G), but now a proud S10 android never want to look back since. iPhone post-Steve is CRAP.
@shinful i don't agree with you. Samsung and other brands with Android can't give you so cool conection with Macbook, airpods and other gadgets, and nobody have alternative to this gadgets... I was android user up to last year and now i'm sure that i've never come back to android from IOS.