Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung's newest device comes packed with a Quad Camera 📸

Galaxy A9 features the world’s first quad smartphone camera to capture life the way it was meant to be seen. Its intelligent camera system gives you four times the functionality for whatever the occasion. Now you can capture with confidence when inspiration strikes.

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You know what would be even more interesting than that? Five cameras!
@monstercritic1 you got to pump that number up. That's a rookie number. At least 10! Samsung treating phones like razers that add extra blades.
It's 3 cameras & a depth sensor. Seem to be playing the numbers game. Pixel has shown that powerful software coupled with a single sensor can work extremely well so this feels a little redundant..
Quad cameras is a serious step up in the camera game, it's going to be interesting to see what people have #shotongalaxy 🤔

Excited for this phone to make a debut in the US


Quad camera


Not avalible in the US as of yet

What do we think the max number of cameras that can be fitted on a phone is? 🤔 With just enough space to hold it, I'm gonna say 50 😂