Sample Labs

Offline consumer surveys made simple.

Hey Guys! Thanks to @jsneedles for adding this. We developed this platform for people who want real time data and analytics at their live events sampling new products. Surveys suck and we want to make it easy and fun to poll people when they first try a product. Feel free to drop me a line at We would love to become product hunt for physical world. :) More to come! Cheers!
@edch2020 My pleasure! I met these guys at the Founders Dojo a few weeks back, and when they described and then demonstrated their product, I immediately saw the value of super simple sampling. Ed - I'm curious about users' feedback... Have you heard from people about an increased willingness to participate in this type of short format survey? Have the customers given strong indication that the info they've been able to gather is valuable, even if it may be less comprehensive?
@jsneedles Consumers love it. It's another touch point during their experience at these demonstrations. They especially appreciate how quick painless it is. We usually hear "That's it? cool" The information may seem trivial at first glance, but when you are capturing large data sets at these events, interesting insights start to emerge like: Peak times by hour and day. Best locations to perform these events. Comparing products. Winning or losing factors to your product (flavor, packaging, pricing, etc). We want to give manufacturers that agile process that helps many startups iterate quickly.
Also, anybody that would like to test drive the app and platform, ping and we will set you up with a test account. Just say that you saw it here.