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Daniel Trostli
Daniel TrostliMaker@trostli · Founder of @samplefocus
Hi Product Hunters! I'm excited to be able to share this project of mine. The vision behind Sample Focus is to create a sound library so seamless and intuitive that it eventually replaces your personal collection. Think of it as a cross between YouTube and Wikipedia but for sound. I've always had the most dysfunctional relationship with the samples/sound on my hard drive as far as organization and discovery. It takes forever to find what I'm looking for. Other sampling sites I've seen are not well organized either IMO. Whats the point of a huge library if you can't find anything? This site was born to solve these organization and discovery problems for myself and others. Detailed categories and a comprehensive tag system are the backbone of the organization amongst other cool features such as Similar or Complimentary Sounds. Right now there is a download credit system in place to encourage users to upload and share their sounds. Later I hope to roll out a system where creators are paid on a per download basis. I'm eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and questions!
Danny Tamez
Danny Tamez@dannytamez · Founder & Designer at Ilmatic
Better sound design in tech products is coming, and @samplefocus is a great site for research and discovery.
Daniel Trostli
Daniel TrostliMaker@trostli · Founder of @samplefocus
@dannytamez Thanks Danny!
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
I immediately tried to search for the sound of a centaur, but found nothing... Other than that, dank web app, brahs. @samplefocus @anodigital
Daniel Trostli
Daniel TrostliMaker@trostli · Founder of @samplefocus
((-_-))@eyekayu · I.K. Eu. Innovations | I.T. | C.c.( )
NIce. Will share with some friends of mine
Dominic Coryell
Dominic Coryell@distrodom · Distro Hacker + Investor @ #500STRONG
OMG. I'm going to have to quite everything I'm doing for the next 3 years and just play with this. thanks @writerpollock