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samiraHunter@samirastalks · Samira Stalks
In this episode, we’re joined by @HarryStebbings- the 20 yr old who has become somewhat of a star in the Venture Capital industry. He set out to make his mark on it after watching Peter Thiel invest in Facebook in the The Social Network movie as a teen. Harry is the host of the 20 Minute VC podcast where he has interviewed over 600 investors and thought-leaders, he’s amassed over 100k subscribers and has sponsors queuing up to put their services in front of his audience. In this episode we’ll hear about how: – An unknown British schoolboy made his mark on the industry through his podcast the 20 Minute VC, all off his own back after watching The Social Network at the age of 13; – Without a $ spent on paid marketing, how he’s built an army of 100k brand advocates and persuaded over 600 influential investors to engage with the show; – What investment categories are ripe for digital disruption from education to autonomous cars; – Lastly, we discuss the tipping point of when tech starts to harm rather than help society, pondering questions behind the morality of artificial intelligence.