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Sending you and your friends scheduled text message reminders, you text back, and after 10 minutes you'll receive a consolidated message of all texts.



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Tommy MarshallMaker@tommyjmarshall · Front-end Developer
Hey all, my brother and I created this service to solve a problem. We'd lament on a weekly basis how we wanted to wake up early or work out after work, but would keep sleeping in and watching reruns of Seinfeld. We needed to keep each other accountable, but sending that "sooo did you do X?" text at certain times during a day wouldn’t happen because we'd either both forget or didn't want to be annoying (accountability is hard). That's where comes in: we offloaded the feeling of being a nagging jerk to an external service, because what the hell. will send you and up to 8 friends a text at the same time to remind everyone to do something. What's something? Anything. Wake up, work out, party, whatever. Everyone has 10 minutes to write a response that gets sent back to the group, so you can see who's doing what they said they would and see who's sleeping in / watching Seinfeld / is dead. is totally free. No account needed; we use Craigslist-style authentication with unique URL's to manage groups. Delete your group whenever. Let us know what you think. You’re welcome.
Gabriel LewisHiring@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
@tommyjmarshall Seinfeld reruns are the best
Joe MarshallMaker@joermarshall · Strategist
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Smart to bring important reminders to SMS, one of the few channels with a ~100% open rate.
Tommy MarshallMaker@tommyjmarshall · Front-end Developer
@rrhoover Exactly, SMS is so personal. I snooze notifications all the time, but a text that I actually want to receive I'll take care to read.
Joe MarshallMaker@joermarshall · Strategist
@rrhoover Yes, without a doubt. That's part of the reason we think it is highly valuable. Also, the sign up is nearly frictionless so we hope to help people achieve some goals! GSD!
Fabrizio RinaldiPro@linuz90 · filmmaker
Love this idea, was thinking about this concept a while back. Is there a way to deal with multiple goals with different people? Also, I think a bit of gamification would help achieve the goals, like a weekly recap with the list of participants and numbers that represent how many times they stuck with their goals. Thanks for this anways!
Joe MarshallMaker@joermarshall · Strategist
@linuz90 Great idea! Maybe in the next iteration. Appreciate the feedback.