Sametab 2.0

Company-wide announcements in your team's Chrome new tab

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Sametab is the simplest way to keep your team on the same page. Share important company news and team announcements in the new browser tab of your team members and distribute top-down knowledge rapidly within the organization.
Max Beech
  • Max Beech
    Max BeechFounder, Intro

    Genius idea


    My company is too small for this to be really useful (only 10 employees) but can see the use case immediately

    UI looking really clean too 😍

    Max Beech has used this product for one day.
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Five months ago we set off with a big mission: help companies communicate important things more effectively. We realized how hard it was to effectively broadcast important company announcements for managers and team owners. Day-to-day tools like Emails or Slack were poorly suited for such use case.  As a result, we built Sametab v.1. [0] In Sametab 2.0 [1] we completely redesigned the user interface to be more useful and intuitive and re-engineered the codebase to improve the performance.  Sametab wants to challenge this status quo of "real-time chat as the only way to communicate" by making a product able to "distill information" rather than merely produce real-time conversation. The 2.0 release make your announcements more prominent in the New Tab of all your team and gives you insights about them. The new version supports both company and team-wide announcements, announcements' scheduling and much more – and this is just the beginning. 😉 Thanks for the up-vote. Don't forget to download the Chrome Extension (it's a beautiful and distraction-free writing tool on its own). [0] [1] shot out to @benln for hunting this ✌️
Antonio Angelino
Antonio AngelinoMaker@antoangelino
Hey everyone! At Sametab, we're building the space for communication that matters. When a team is starting to grow, top-down communication gets very hard within the organization and it’s easy for people to miss important things in ephemeral Slack messages or email. We've spent the past months iterating with our beta companies to build Sametab. It ties together an intuitive, simple Chrome New Tab with powerful admin backend for handling teams, groups, announcements, and more. We are excited to share this with you today and would love to get your feedback! We'll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email us directly at
praveen poojary
praveen poojary@praveenpoojary1
Really cool idea. Best of luck
@praveenpoojary1 Thanks Praveen!
Con Xoai
Con Xoai@con_xoai · I'm sportive and active
that's nice