Share company announcements in your coworker's new tab

Sametab is a new lightweight chrome extension to send company-wide announcements in your employees' new tab and keep everyone up to date

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Thanks @benln for posting this. Last week @antoangelino and I had some fun building a lightweight (mostly to see how chrome extensions work) tool to let organizations send company announcements in all their coworkers' new tab. If this sounds a bit odd, here's how it works: 1. Install the Chrome extension (, open a new tab and you'll see sample content. Hit the signup button and create a new account. 2. Now that you have an account, configure your company's page and invite your coworkers (they have to signup with their work email). 3. You're ready to create and publish announcements from the admin area. Everyone in your company will see them when opening a new tab. Sametab was created as a simple way to improve teams/depts alignment in substitution for company-wide emails with no replies that rarely catch attention and avoid useless overhead in having your teams and employees using or learning a new product. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Such a simple idea. I dig it.
Alex Circei
CEO & Co-founder Waydev

Finally a new way of improving the productivity!


Awesome app



Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
I see the OKR word on the screenshot and I upvote 😉 I would like to write an interview about it at at no cost at all - please fill the form on the website, or PM at
Ravi Srinivasan
Founder -
Love the idea but there is friction if coworkers have to sign up. And if all don’t sign up, the organisation has to make use of other channels (email?) to push notifications. How can you reduce friction? Perhaps with Active Directory integration.
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