Support your customer better by seeing exactly what they see

Samestate helps support teams to solve customers problems faster through session recordings, analytics and one-click screen takeover.

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I'm the co-founder of Samestate along with @bowen_moody. We are super excited to be here, thanks for hunting us @percival We set out to help companies support their customers better by seeing live and recorded videos of customers using their website. Samestate was built to solve customer supporter pains like: · Relying on screenshots for communication between your customers and your product team · Reproducing errors · Onboarding customers · Understanding how customers interact with new features · Developers get access to the console logs and http requests We integrate with many other services to bring Samestate to your current workflow. Currently Intercom, Sentry and Opbeat, with Zendesk and Segment coming in the next month. How does Samestate differ from Fullstory and Hotjar? While we all use similar recording technologies, Samestate aims to put the customer in focus. We have a deep integration into Intercom which injects a link into every conversation, gives you access to user's technical information, and earlier sessions. We would love to hear what you think and to say thanks for your precious feedback, we would like to offer 20% off for life so you can try out Samestate 😎
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This looks a lot like FullStory. Especially the link to their app around the 47 second mark in your intro video?!?!
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Samestate has been a huge help onboarding customers. Keep up the good work guys!
We recently used Samestate to see how customers interacted with some new features we released. It was awesome to immediately see if customers are using your product the way they are meant to!
@jakob_harder_holmelund Thanks :) I've actually used it quite a lot to help build our onboarding flow. I just noticed that people continuously stopped at the same place, and then we made some changes to it.
Cool product! Great work getting Elizabeth Hurley to narrate the video :P