A bridge to connect users across chat services

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In the interest of disclosure, I'm an investor in the company. I think this is a very useful solution if you're looking to connect disparate teams that are on different chat services (HipChat, Slack, etc) without requiring everyone to standardize on one client.
Brilliant! I wrote an idea down last week, in Evernote; "create a simple way for people to integrate all their chat rooms into one." I use Fleep and Slack -- you get the idea, and obviously went with it. Good on ya!
@lizellevv And now things are even more awesome, since Sameroom works with Fleep :-)
What's the point ? Slack will rule the world
@pforpineapple Exactly! But when we're all in 100s of Slack teams, wouldn't it be great to share channels/groups across some of them? Here's what I mean:

I very much like the idea, but the pricing is unfortunately way off. $49/month for the cheapest usable plan is pretty crazy given the pricing of the services you are most likely to connect like Skype<--->Slack. You pay more for the connector than for both services combined per month.


Works as advertised