Take the strange out of strangers

SameGrain matches people on millions of areas to help individuals discover relevant connections at different stages and situations in life.

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Anne Balduzzi
Founder, SameGrain
SameGrain was developed to take matching to a new level. It privately connects anyone, near or far, on over 45M+ in-depth match points to locate more compatible friends, roommates, teammates, travel companions, support networks, and more. In other words, we wanted to take the idea of matching beyond the typical dating/flirting app. It's also a FREE app. I started SameGrain around the idea that just like the grains in a tree or your fingerprint, we are all unique. However, it's where our grains overlap that enable us to find common ground and fast track conversations. The app uses a nature theme so you PLANT strong matches and MULCH weak or creepy ones (which can be recycled from the Mulch Pile if you change your mind). We also use the term GRAINS to describe the attributes in your profile. It's a bit or a corny theme, but it helps to make our point. Inside SameGrain, you can private message or post in over 600 chat rooms (GRAIN CHATS) which users create around matching attributes and/or locations. Better yet, you can search for people with specific common threads like people who surf, play the guitar, believe in zombies and like pineapple on their pizza. We match on a mix of serious and fun stuff. The idea for SameGrain came to life thanks to our all-star team of Internet veterans from Apple and other successful start-ups. We also strongly believe in "privacy" so just about everything in SameGrain is optional. Users are not forced to show their location or upload a real image. Looking forward to gathering more app feedback from Product Hunt. We have a long-term road map for SameGrain that goes beyond our current app, so we look forward to kicking things off here!
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