Ethan has a sister. Text Samantha.

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heyyyy are you guys talking about me? xSam
Earlier this week @Bosefina confessed her love for Ethan in the essay, How I fell in love with an app. I’m texting Samantha now…
@rrhoover @Bosefina This all makes me think of that movie, Her.
@rrhoover @Bosefina Bo is my BFF Forever
@rrhoover @gliechtenstein I like how Ethan moved Rule #8 to Rule #1 for Samantha: "1. Don't fall in love with Samantha" ;)
Samantha is the first app to showcase the upcoming Ethan platform, where anyone can come and build their own Ethan/Samantha type apps in minutes. It's coming in a few weeks so stay tuned! In the meantime, let me introduce you to Samantha. She's a cute girl who lives in Brooklyn and works in the music industry. Her twitter account is @textsamantha Maybe she could come and answer some questions here :)
@gliechtenstein Samantha has the same last name as yourself. Is she your wife? Is @textsamantha real?
@gliechtenstein @textsamantha does Samantha sleep as much as you do?
Haha @rrhoover @textsamantha from rule #8 : "Don't ask Samantha if she's hooked up with Ethan (they're siblings)" A new set of rules for Sam are on the website :)
@edward @textsamantha she needs beauty sleep so sleeps more than me
@gliechtenstein @techcrunch I feel I've made a new virtual friend ;)
Finally, the future is here.