Sam PokeMessenger Bot

A bot for messenger that helps you win in Pokémon GO

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Hi guys! this is the second bot of our Happybots family! Sam will give you all the Pokemon info you need to win in Pokemon GO, including cp calculators, evolution chains, eggs list... Let's go team blue! @carlos_bernabeu @tsolakidispasch @gregjwww @farbodsaraf Have a look, you will like it! 😀
Sweet! Looks great guys. Keep it up!
Well done guys. Good to see you developing more bots.
Holy s*** guys! Nice work, looks very very good! It's the ultimate Pokemon GO bot!
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks Carlos I am glad you like !!
Hey @robjama, I saw you submitted a Pokemon Bot, you should have a look at this one, I am sure you will like it!
Very useful and cool bot! I will use it for sure along with Pokemon Go!
@irenemarquetg Thanks a lot !
Very useful and a great idea! I'll start to use this for my Pokemon GO journey!
@thetechblaze Thanks ! you should have a look at PokeStack also you will like it !