SaltStack For DevOps

Fast and simple IT automation and configuration management

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"SaltStack For DevOps : Extremely fast and simple IT automation and configuration management." Through this book you will learn how to use one of the most powerful System Administrators and DevOps tools What SaltStack For DevOps Teaches Exactly ? The 10 most important tips you’ll learn are: - Configuration Management And Data Center Automation. - Advanced installation of SaltStack with a practical installation case. - Configuration and troubleshooting. - SaltStack concepts like master, minion, syndic, key management, runners, configurations, states and top file, event-based execution, formulas. - Using SaltStack to provision and control a Vagrant environment. - Using SaltStack with a Docker container and monitoring Docker host system. - Using Salt Cloud to provision and configure virtual machine on the Cloud - Real world examples: installation and configuration of Apache web server, creating you own private storage cloud (SaltStack + Vagrant + OwnCloud), monitoring minions, scheduling monitoring tasks, automating wordpress / LAMP installation and configuration, using Vagrant and Docker..etc - SaltStack best practices with a practical cheat sheet. - Getting help and contributing to SaltStack community
@eon01 I'm mainly interested by OwnCloud (or NextCloud) & Monitoring minions. Can I jump in in these topics without the whole SaltStack. My stack is actually running in prod. Cheers!
@_pascalandy You should have some knowledge about Salt since you will for sure have some problems even in examples that worked for me without problems. The OwnCloud is not a production deployment but a development environment using Vagrant and Salt Formula. Even if in the monitoring part I am using simple bash scripts but some Salt knowledge is required.
@eon01 Thank you very much sharing your truth. I appreciate.
Hi, everybody. Devops is very useful for business to create software. I recommend you to get acquainted with the principles of the devops concept and cooperation with IT developers.