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It's like Netflix for learning to cook!
@chrismessina Thanks for the submission! You're right on target. Our mission is to offer a top tier cooking education from master chefs at Netflix prices.
Treehouse for Food
@ItsJoeTurner I love the comparison. Treehouse does an awesome job gamifying their learning process. We're also a big fan of their concept of "Tracks." In the coming months, Salted will become a lot more personalized and social, such that every home chefs will have a unique / curated experience as they're learning to cook. Big things are a comin'.
@jeffapps As someone who *really* struggles with preparing and making food I look forward to it!
@ItsJoeTurner Awesome! Feel free to ping me if you ever have any feedback / questions / ideas you'd like to share.
Very cool product - to me the most interesting thing is that it features real chefs from cool restaurants in various cities. Nothing like learning from people whose food you love to eat!
@cschultz Thanks, Chris! Glad you are digging it :)
Funny, I initially read this too quickly as "learn skills and recipes from chef experts". Which would be pretty useful too, in a totally different categories.
I'm a huge fan of this. When you want to learn how to do something, it's always cool to know you're learning from the best. I like the Netflix or Treehouse analogies, but it's really both: educational and entertaining. Bravo @jeffapps!
@webjoe Thanks Joe! We're definitely trying to distinguish Salted by providing our members with access to the best teachers around. The cooking space is filled with noise. We're trying to build a brand that home chefs can really trust, and one of they key ingredients (pun fully intended, my apologies) is the caliber of our chefs/teachers.