Salt Lending

Blockchain-backed loans. Hold your assets, get your cash.

The SALT lending dashboard will be released by the end of the month, but you can sign up as a member now.

From the website:

"Leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans. SALT is pioneering an evolutionary leap for lending in which the value of a borrower’s assets are fully recognized and credit history is made irrelevant."

Nick Ochoa
Nathan Windsor
Edward Chan
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  • Nathan Windsor
    Nathan WindsorCEO Macroscape, Blockchain Veture Studio

    Democratizing access to loans, leveraging your crypto without liquidation


    Volatile market could mean high interest rate for loans.

    Love this team and this product. Being able to leverage your crypto assets without a tax event is super useful.

    Nathan Windsor has never used this product.
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Nathan Windsor
Nathan Windsor@nathanwindsor · CEO Macroscape, Blockchain Veture Studio
I'm really excited about this product. I know their team and they have built a strong foundation. Go SALT!
Palash Bagchi
Palash Bagchi@palash76 · Growth Hacker
This is what the future will hold
Stephane@stephanehaddad · Co-founder & - LA
Great project!
Sabrina Kipper
Sabrina Kipper@polyakovkakatya · web, designer
Such services can be very useful. In life there are different situations, sometimes money is urgently needed. Even I had this. I made several times out cash advance(for example it`s quite a good service), and it was very helpful. Good project!
Brian Abacan
Brian Abacan@brianabacan · Encore Tech Studio
No it`s time when you can get a loan so easily. You do not need to visit banks and stand in long lines. Recently I traveled, and I needed some money. Good opportunity I found on and then quickly repaid the loan. Now I can use my bitcoins to secure cash loans! Very good project! Thank you!