Salt CRM

Make a customer, not just a sale

Salt CRM is a time/project/task management tool for every small business that helps track time spent on the projects for each member.

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This is just PerfexCRM from CodeCanyon. According to their license, you're not allowed to use their script for SaaS projects. I've reported this.

This is heavily based off the Perfex CRM, which is for sale at codecanyon. I don't see why this product would be better than buying Perfex CRM as it seems to use the exact same UI, and feature set.


Based on Perfex CRM, which is a good standard


Not a whole lot of added features

Every startup should try this tool.


Great features and time tracker


no drawbacks

Based on a script from CodeCanyon -

Naughty, naughty.


Looks good, works lovely


Duplicate of PerfexCRM