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Unlike other social-mobile-local apps, SALT is optimized for one and one thing only: saving places you plan on visiting. No cluttered interface, ads, or “4.1532 star” reviews. Just straight up places friends and I plan visiting later. If you're like me and previously used Evernote, check them out!
Hi guys! I’m one of the founders of SALT with @ruddct. Thanks @adriangrant for sharing us on PH! For some background on SALT, our mission is to create the most seamless, fun way to remember and share great recommendations. We launched about two years ago focused purely on making it easy to bookmark and organize restaurants, bars and cafes that you love or want to try. In the last few months we’ve begun focusing on the second half of our mission, which is making it easy to share these recommendations. We believe that we all get great recommendations for places to dine at, but there was no great way to keep track of them or share them with friends. That said, SALT does NOT provide recommendations - which is one of the ways we’re different from 99% of the products in the space. Here’s a fun blog piece on how SALT is helpful from someone in our community We’ll be around today to answer questions. I hope you’ll check us out :)
@vivekmgeorge very cool. Would be interesting to import my bookmarks from Foursquare...! Any plans for Uber integration? 😁
@chrismessina thanks for the question. We can actually import you Foursquare lists if you want to move over! You just need to shoot us a link to your profile - And we do have Uber integrated into SALT via our friends at Button :)
@vivekmgeorge any way to import yelp bookmarks into your app?
@metallungies totally! Same thing, just shoot us a link to your Yelp bookmarks and we can take it from there -
loved the idea !
Agree with @chrismessina And on that note, why is this better than something like Foursquare lists or Bookmarks on Yelp?
@monst3rtruck @chrismessina fair question! For Foursquare their focus is providing great recommendations at the very moment you need them. Saving places and making lists isn't core to their DNA, it's an after thought. At SALT we're focused 100% on that, so we're able to go really deep and do it better than anyone else. It's similar to Instagram vs FB. Facebook did photos for a long time prior to IG, but bc Instagram focused purely on the problem of sharing great photos they built an amazing product and community. Does that make sense?
@vivekmgeorge makes sense! Thanks for sharing. Will download now 👍
@monst3rtruck thank you 🙏🏾
Nice onboarding process :) Wondering @vivekmgeorge what was the most challenging thing about building this?
@brendanbeirne @vivekmgeorge Thanks Brendan 😀, we put a lot of effort into our onboarding flow, our users love it! It might sound surprising, but the most challening part of building this was matching the speed and simplicity of the Notes app. Most of our users were used to keeping lists of places in the Notes app on their phone (or some other clunky mechanism) before they found SALT. For us to be appealing to them we have to work when the internet is crappy, we have to work very quickly, and we have to dead simple/fast to use. Now, we obviously have a lot of complexity that the Notes app doesn't (place data, mapping, social capabilities, list making, etc). But our priority has always been to make it dead simple to get stuff into the app. From product and technical perspectives, distilling all that complexity down a quick and intuitive experience was (and is) a huge challenge.