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Maker of SALT here! @adriangrant thank you for hunting us. My partner @ruddct, and I will be here all day responding to questions and feedback. Just some quick background on SALT. SALT is mobile application and community to bookmark and share great restaurants, bars and cafes. Put simply, we’re a more social, easier to use, replacement to those spreadsheets or notes that everyone keeps to track places they love or want to try. We decided to initially tackle the problem of figuring out where to go to eat or drink from a new direction. Instead of pushing recommendations, we help you collect and share the recommendations you get, wherever you get them.
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Thanks @adriangrant! The whole team over here has been working like crazy on this over the past few months, we'll be here all day to answer questions, respond to comments, etc!
Hey Vivek, what would be a typical use case for SALT? Why use it if I have Yelp?
@alejandrochahin Great question! The short answer is that we focus on what happens once you *get* a recommendation about (or already like) somewhere. Yelp focuses on the discovery of new recommendations. Once you start saving the recommendations you get in the app (which we've spent an inordinate amount of time making super easy), you have a comprehensive list of places that are relevant to you and a kickass workflow for searching, sorting and filtering through them. SALT lets you easily create shareable lists, filter by places you've been and want to try, and leave private notes for yourself. Everything you do on SALT is private unless explicitly shared, so the app is closer to a personal journal of places you like or want to try.
@alejandrochahin Yelp has had a terribly underwhelming bookmarking and organization experience for ages now. Bookmarks is hidden deep within their web app and not much better on mobile. Looking forward to trying Salt and hoping it solves these problems, especially seeing lists of places my friends have made. They seem to know where all the great spots in the city are!
@karanbhangui Yep, that's exactly what we had in mind when we built this. Many large recommendation companies (e.g. Yelp, 4sq, etc) treat places as items in feed, things that are transient and go away quickly. We treat places as a unit of work, things that stick around for a while that you might want to refer back to, leave notes on or share. It's a small difference, but we feel like it's an important one. (That's not to hate on Yelp/4sq/etc, I'm a user on of those on occasion!)
Awesome app - I'm a big fan
@elan_miller thank you for the kind words!
Great app! Was super helpful when I was spending 3 months in New York, being bombarded with food recommendations.
@stefankp glad to hear it!
Sweet! Was looking for a simple way to keep track of restaurant recommendations list but also with a map view. Nicely done!
@daverad thanks for kind feedback! That's exactly what we were hoping to solve