Subscription DIY cocktail kit curated by top mixologists.

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For a guy who loves a great cocktail, but has no bartending skills, I can't wait to try this.
SaloonBox is a weekly subscription cocktail kit, which we plan to price at $25. The kit includes all the ingredients needed to make 2 cocktails at home. Each kit is curated by a well known bar manager or a mixologist. What makes this service different from similar products is that we're not delivering full sized bottles. This makes it much more affordable and allows you to try lots more spirits and cocktails without breaking the bank. The idea behind SaloonBox came from never having all the ingredients needed to make complicated cocktails and spending a fortune doing so. With SaloonBox, there's no need to run to the store to buy missing items or invest in full bottles that could end up laying around in your cabinet.
@joespector how do you do the smaller-sized bottles? Do you do the rebottling? Huw do you deal with the legalities around shipping alcohol?
@chrismessina There's a lot of 50ml bottles out there. I have seen a number of high end and craft distilleries produce 50ml or 200ml bottles. It's definitely not the cheap stuff people usually think of when it comes to nips. Also, a number of distilleries we have spoken to said that for a large enough order, they would run a small production batch. For shipping alcohol, we are speaking to several upscale retailers about shipping through them (i.e. using their liquor license) and they can ship to 38 states (including New York, DC, Illinois, Florida). The more difficult states to ship are Pennsylvania and Texas.
Love this idea!
As a wedding planner, this can work so well for my clients. Depending on the budget, it could be a welcome gift for out of town guests. It could also make a fun present.
Nice one! Julibox mysteriously closed down in the US, so it needed a new contender. I run a UK version (can't work out how to add "similar products"...) :-)