Intelligently responsive images.

Salieo enables instant "responsification" of your site's images based on AI crop suggestions. Just include the library, add the "salieo" class to your image and we'll take it from there.

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    Very useful and solves a huge problem


    I'm not comfortable having an experimental third-party I controlling the layout of my site.

    I will try this once it is older and more stable, I love the idea but imagine Siri having control over your entire website 😅😱

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Hey everyone! I’m Andrew, founder of Salieo. We're very excited to be opening Salieo up to the public today! As web developers, we were frustrated with the manual effort involved in cropping/resizing/setting breakpoints for our images so they scaled responsively. We set out to design a solution that handles all of this for you. Salieo builds on recent advances in object recognition models to identify the most important subject(s)/area(s) in your images. This data is then used in the browser to find the best scale and crop for an image for any given screen size/aspect ratio/pixel density. After the first request, all of this happens in a few milliseconds, transforming the image in the browser before it loads - so users never see any jumpy images. We're also releasing the Salieo API for direct access to our crop suggestion engine. We'd love to hear your feedback so let us know your thoughts!
@abagshaw, Your demo is way too buried! My first reaction to your site was, "Goodbye forever and don't ever email me." I had looked at the pricing page, the docs pages, and even I went through signup and setup, only to dead-end on instructions that basically demand, "Now go change all your code around before you have any idea whether this product works at all." It's only because I decided to write this message that I tapped literally the last thing I hadn't tapped and found your demo, which is actually awesome.
@mattthew Really appreciate the feedback. To clarify, are you referring to the API demo (on the /api page)? In that case I certainly agree that we could do a better job of highlighting it so you can give our crop suggestion service a go before actually setting anything up on your site. We were anticipating that after setting up a site you could take it for a spin by tinkering with one of the demos on the '/docs' page (i.e. - but I totally agree that it's more convenient to get a feel for the service with the API demo than going through the setup process first.
@abagshaw, yes the demo on /api is perfect. It's easy to use, and I was impressed with the results from the several different kinds of images that I tried. I try find the jsfiddle first, but it doesn't work if I change the image URL, and I wasn't satisfied with the dear image because I didn't know if it was optimized for your algorithm.
@mattthew After setting up a new site you can use your own site id in place of "test" - and any images for which you've allowed through a rule will work. To prevent abuse, the "test" id is locked down to a few images we use in our demos.
It looks promising. Will try it out
@martin_sasak Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.
Great job!! 😊 This is very useful and good concept
@ayush_chandra Thanks! We're pretty excited about it too :)
This is amazing!!