Home security alarm system on your phone (Android)

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Hello to all the Hunters and thank you Ben for posting us here! We believe home security should be a right, not a privilege of those who can afford it. That's why we develop the Salient Eye app. Me and co-founder Haggai Meltzer would be glad to answer questions (even the most intimate ones) here or at :)
@i0i00000 interesting motion detection app..I had already seen others though, how is this one different?"
Good question @ilbedussa. Differently from similar apps, we don't focus on the webcam functionality. Instead, our product focuses on taking instant pics of what's happening and reporting to the owner via email+SMS. It can also sound an alarm to scare burglars away. We make it as annoying as possible and it can only be stopped with a password :)
This is a really cool free app! Does it only work on android though? What happens if the internet goes down? - if anyone knows I would really love an answer :) stay happy, stay hunting!
@kylegiddens hi k, only Android for now, but iOS is on development. If Internet goes down, the device will still take photos of any motion and store them on the device storage. It will also sound the alarm if you set it to. If you have a valid sim card in the device , you will also get sms messages (both on disconnection and on movement detection) .
Hey guys - very interesting app. I was wondering which countries you're seeing the most traction from: Download and active use.
Hi @shaunwaksman, thanks for reaching out! We are quite impressed to see good results both in "developing world" countries (where crime rates are higher) and "first world" ones. Even in the US in fact, home security is a huge problem with intrusions committed every 13 seconds, 80% of houses without a security system and around 30% of people renting out the place they live in (and then not interested in expensive alarms). Last but not least, we are pretty happy with usage metrics: they are about 20% better than the average for utility apps!