Call request button for website visitors, boost sales

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SalezTalk provides a simple button to receive call request from your website visitors.

It increase conversions on your website by anywhere from 50 to 500%.

There is a WordPress plugin too.



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Milan M
Milan MMaker@milanmmotavar ·
Hi, I am Milan, the sole developer of SalezTalk. Ask me anything related to SalezTalk. There are so many tools available for collecting emails but only a few tools for collecting phone numbers. And the reality is that not everyone wants to collect emails on their website. Freelancing developers, designers, small digital companies, interior designers, architects, legal service providers etc. would benefit more by directly talking with their customers instead of collecting emails. SalezTalk provides a simple tool to receive a call request from website visitors. Call requests are immediately informed via SMS, Email, and Mobile app.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Any Wordpress plugin? 😊
Milan M
Milan MMaker@milanmmotavar ·
@ayush_chandra Yes. There is a WordPress plugin too. Here's the link: