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#4 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2019
Saleter it's a service that help you create an online store with your Instagram account just in some clicks. Login with your Instagram, select photos with items that you want to add like a product to your store, put prices and that's all your store is ready.
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Can you give us more info about Saleter pricing model/fees? What kind of payments do you support? Thanks!
@leonardo_mattar Hi Leonardo! Thanks for good question. Now it's for free because it's only our MVP with a minimum features. Of course, when we develop more feature we create different tariffs plans with a different sets of features and work by the monthly subscription model. We try to understand who want to use our product and how a user wants to use Saleter and get feedback. Now we don't support any payments, only in manual mode store owner can contact by phone or email with a customer and send him the invoice. But I think PayPal can be the first payment method that we can implement.
@lukas_567 haha it is @roman_dunin product though :)
Great job and interesting idea guys. Just wanted to wish you luck!
That's a cool thing, I believe. I had experience of working with 20+ Instagram shops. We were putting the links to their products in our platform so that our users could buy smth from those shops. The conversions were impossible to track and at the same time shops were telling they didn't have resources to build a normal online-store. But if I knew about this solution back then, I would for sure offer it to them and it could solve my problems. Good luck! 🔥
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how can i get a custom domain for my store and do you plan to whitelabel or create a referral program for it?
@chinenye_egbe Now you can get only our free domain but latter of course we have in plans implementation custom domain with SSL, custom designs + template store, payments method etc.