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Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
Seems to be like a combination of salesforce and google (email, calendar etc.)
Jason ParekhMaker@jasonparekh · Founder, SalesWise
Hey folks, SalesWise cofounder here. Thanks @charlieirish for surfacing us! The way we jokingly see it: You already have a job, organizing your data shouldn't be another one :) We bring you a simple and intuitive interface to all of your data: email, meetings, tasks, notes, CRM, docs, people and company relationships. It's all automatically organized within a couple of minutes of signing up.* Started as a sales product, but we've had tons of non-sales people sign up and give praise because the problem resonates with them. Another neat feature that's gotten kind words from our users is Wise & Shine. It's a clean morning email (get it?) that preps you for the day: we show your meetings alongside recent and relevant conversations, people, documents and other details. Think of it like Refresh for your business data. Hope you guys love it.. as always, here to answer any questions. Jason *Today wasn't normal -- growing pains I suppose :)
Joe Conte@joeconte
@jasonparekh Hey Jason, is this a CRM tool or an aggregator of the aforementioned services?
Jason ParekhMaker@jasonparekh · Founder, SalesWise
@joeconte Hey Joe. It ends up being the good parts of both thus forming a relationship intelligence platform. CRM-like qualities: everything in one place organized by companies and people relationships that you care about (from the business angle). Ability to take notes, create tasks, etc. Aggregator: automatic fetching leaving you with no data entry required. We're gathering feedback on additional services to add to the mix, have any thoughts on what'd be useful for your workflow?
Stephen Johnston@glstephen · Founder, Launch Media Network
@jasonparekh @joeconte I think of it as more of an aggregator. However, better insight into your relationships should have a positive impact on sales relationships and "CRM" types of activities. Jason may have a different take.
Joe Conte@joeconte
@jasonparekh Absolutely have some thoughts on that. What's the best way to reach you? And I guess a better question would have been do you need a crm in addition to this? cc: @glstephen
Jason ParekhMaker@jasonparekh · Founder, SalesWise
@joeconte Happy to chat, shoot me an email at and we can set up a call if you'd prefer. Nope, no CRM needed.