Help sales teams thrive by automatic mobile call capture

Salestrail automatically tracks your sales calls made on your mobile to an online dashboard or a CRM of your choice. Save time and get accurate data on your call performance easily with Salestrail Call Analytics Dashboard
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Hey everyone 👋 It all started when we, at the outburst of the Coronavirus epidemic, noticed a surge of inbound leads looking to automate their sales activity logging. As it appears, since quarantined sales leaders are learning how to manage their sales teams physical presence, they are realising that the need for transparency, efficiency and data-driven insights doesn’t go away just because they suddenly find themselves working from home. If anything, this becomes even more important. We decided to have an app to support the newly emerged group of customers – Any salesperson using a mobile phone for calling, regardless of whether they use a CRM or not. The new solution consists of an Android app (iOS to come later) that automatically logs business calls to an online dashboard, where sales and business leaders can follow their team’s performance. Users can invite their team member’s to use the solution and request to view their real-time call statistics. One of the benefits of Salestrail is that it makes visualizing and measuring sales call performance a simple, straightforward process - everything takes under 1 minute. Others include increased transparency, time-saving and better possibilities to make data-driven decisions instantaneously. We are more than happy to answer your questions and would love to see you trying out Salestrail. Feel free to throw in your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve Salestrail!
Does this work w Hubspot?
@kcucchia Yes, integration from our APIs to HubSpot is possible
Great idea! Looking forward to hearing more.