Professional human sales-as-a-service

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You have no idea how long I have been looking for this. Really looking forward to sign up!
what might be quite effective would be a set of case studies and testimonials in multiple industries. in each, chronicle the actual sales increase and services provided. could mix product leads, services leads, etc - just some kind of "evidence" - there are so many lead gen and sales dev firms out there
Here's an update about my experience with SlesPartner: I am a Web Developer tried the service for one month, no results so far. The company seems to have just started, still lots of bugs in their emails/interface. There seems to be a lack of a performance incentive and no minimum amount of results guaranteed. It feels like I am throwing my money away. The process is also not transparent, I have no idea how the sales people work or how they contact potential clients, what conversations they have etc. I asked to be walked through the process several times, but my question was never answered. So far all I am getting are emails with new leads, they get added to a list and then nothing happens. I hope my experience can help @dannydewit improve upon his product, as well as other hunters.
Hi Adrian, Thanks for sharing these comments. We are evolving daily, so it's great to understand what's still missing. One thing that we find, is that when there is no demand for a client's new product/service, that they aim their disappointment at SalesPartner. Which is human I guess, but still hard for us to accept. So people can have a fair evaluation of your experience: - You paid $199 for one month of service - You asked us to market a new unproven service in a new market where you had no previous experience and no existing clients; you gave us a PDF with some info on the service - We reached out to 85 highly targeted leads inside a niche market with your proposition in a single month - In your account you can see exactly who was contacted - The overall response was 'no interest' / 'we don't need this we already have this solved' - You didn't cancel your account, but left the renewal unpaid, so we didn't have the chance to follow up on the 85 leads. I would take this market feedback as a reason to either change the product/service you offer, or go for a completely different product. This is customer development to take to heart I'd say. I'd also advise to go and interview some of the people we reached out to, to understand more of their needs. We take the transparency comments to heart, but we don't have a clear solution for that yet, since human sales using a global network of people is inherently less transparant then hiring your own sales people. But let's not forget the costs are extremely low in comparison. Since we are growing fast and we encounter huge levels of email each day our replies have been a bit slower than we want for which we do apologise. Thanks again for using our service, please feel free to keep working the 85 highly targeted leads in your account, if there is demand for your service that audience should have it. Cheers, Danny
Honoured to be hunted by the No 1 hunter on PH. Thanks Kevin!! Any questions, I'll be here to answer them!
@dannydewit Great concept. Do you have any case studies you can share?
@dannydewit 10 year SaaS sales vet. I've seen services like this. How do you help sell value for higher priced products? So used to seeing dialers destroy brands because they sell like used car salesmen as opposed to the value.
Wow! This is great idea. Always wanted this.