Salesmate 2.0

The Sales CRM Made For You

Salesmate is an intelligent Sales CRM with features focused to improve the performance of your sales team. Specifically designed for SMBs and startups, Salesmate helps in streamlining your sales funnel.
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Hello Product Hunters, Firstly, on behalf of everyone at Salesmate, I want to thank @kevin for hunting our product. The first edition of Salesmate was launched on Product Hunt about 4 years ago. Since then, we have grown in every possible way, whether it’s coming up with new features or growing our customer base. At this moment, Salesmate is having the privilege of serving more than 2500 businesses and growing every single day. Here are some features that we had covered in the last launch: - Manage Contacts, Deals, Tasks all in one place - Custom Analytical Reports - Global Powerful search - Email Tracking - Multiple Deal Pipeline Management - Sales Goal Management - Automation using Workflows - Integrations with 3rd Party Apps - Clearbit Integration - Total flexibility to play around with Fields and Layouts - Native iOS & Android Applications These are the most important features to look for in Salesmate 2.0: - Email & Text Sequences - Built-in Calling - Call Recording, Call Forwarding and Call Masking - Shared Team Inbox - Text Messaging - Activity Filters - Text Conversational View - Product/Service Management Module - Activity Calendar View - Sales Forecasting and Reports - Native Integrations with Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Slack, QuickBooks, and many more - Access to 2000+ other Integrations using Zapier We are constantly upgrading our mobile app to provide more useful features to empower on-field sales representatives. That’s not all, meanwhile you are reading this we are adding something new to Salesmate. Feel free to leave your suggestion so that we can help out more and more sales teams. Cheers!
Wow, love it! Signing up to take it for a ride.
@jayesh_mori Thank you for the appreciation. We're sure Salesmate will be the right fit for your business.
CRM is a very competitive industry. So many great tools out there. It's great to see a tool growing that empowers small and medium scale businesses, especially sales teams.
@narayani_pandya Really appreciate your feedback. Our goal is to provide a solid CRM to small and medium sales teams at affordable rates.
Great product for someone looking to streamline their sales. I highly recommend!
@brian_pekarek Thanks for the recommendation. It means a lot.
Been using them for years and very excited for this update. Looks great!
@seosmarty Hi Ann, nice to see you loving the product. The team is constantly working hard to make the product more useful for sales teams.