Grow virally with a super simple referral widget is a platform that enables anyone to quickly and easily embed a custom referral campaign & grow their platform virally.

  • Lisa Hidds
    Lisa HiddsBiz Dev Manager, Freelance

    Useful, simple integration, saves time, organic users


    Need more styles :)

    I was a beta user for Salescamp

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  • James Hawk
    James HawkFounder

    Easy to use. Can customise


    More fonts would be great

    Signed up last week

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Hey all! This is a project I began in 2014 because I was trying to integrate the Harry's Prelaunchr referral page and I thought that I could provide a way for technical + non-technical people to integrate their own with a simple embed widget. The project was abandoned in late 2014 until this summer when I decided to work most weekends to finish it. It's by no means perfect, but it's working and I'm always adding improvements. There have since been a few other players but Salescamp is still different in implementation so I felt it might still be useful for users :)! I built this as a popup because you can have it placed on any page, rather than sending users to a separate page. I think it works better that way! Future updates: • Bug fixes • Improve mobile use with a vertical reward timeline (coming very soon!) • Add 'pre-launch' functionality - users with a 'pre-launch/coming soon' landing page can integrate our campaign. This will generate an email signup form (that you can style + position through CSS), so the signups are collected directly through Salescamp. • Custom fonts • I need to improve the preview when you create a campaign, the preview on the right is a bit buggy. • Allow users to create their own email alerts when their campaign signups reach reward tiers. • Other designs for the reward number timeline. We offer a 7 day free trial so that you can test it out before buying. Thanks everyone!
Great job !! 😊
@walsh_ldn so it is for subscription based products and services?
@vladkorobov Hey Vlad! It's for any type of product - it could be marketplaces, products & services, general eCommerce, SaaS, community platforms etc. You have complete control of where you insert your referral popup, so you can place it on a dashboard page (if you'd just like signups) or an after-purchase page (if you're rewarding users for referring people who purchase).