Sales Torch

Manage prospects effectively.

Sales Torch is a suite of tools for modern day sales reps that want to stay personal. Torch automatically sorts all your outreach, so you have a clear list of who they need to follow-up with, and when.

With Torch, you can also find anyones email, track opens, and download the folder of your need follow-ups as a .Csv

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Rami M. Amin
Not a Growth Hacker

It is a great addition to Gmail if you want a clean smart CRM workflow within your inbox.


- It is a great follow up advisor

- email finder / verifier

- Delivery reports (didn't try it)

- Minimal interference with Gmail interface


A redesign might make it look better with new Gmail

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Stephen Hakami
Chief Wiz @ Wiza
Hey fellow hunters! We're excited to share this product we've been working on the last year! With Torch, our goal is to ensure that no sales rep ever misses a follow-up. We surface any prospect that you reached out to that you need to follow-up with. You can go back in time and scan for prospects from any time period in your email. Let me know if you have any questions!
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