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Steph Garrett
Steph Garrett@ongarrett · Founder, Product, https://www.podDB.me
@mimiran & @John_Livesay really helpful discussion on becoming a story teller to meet whatever need they have (funding, employment, hiring,) Definitely looking to checking out @John_Livesay I personally struggle with putting people in the solution with me when I'm pitching a concept. So really good to hear someone talk through the benefits and importance of narratives in pitching.
MimiranHunter@mimiran · Founder, Mimiran
@ongarrett @john_livesay Thanks for the kind words. Once you get your head around to it, I think this way of approaching things is much easier and more natural than trying to force a product on a prospect. If you were trying to help a friend with a problem, for example, you would focus on them and their problem, with your solution playing only a supporting role, and you'd do it without thinking about it. But somehow, when we sell to "prospects", we often start treating them differently, which leads to lower sales. ;-)