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#2 Product of the DayNovember 07, 2018

An open source GraphQL-first headless e-commerce platform for the PWA era. Keeping it simple, that means software that retailers can use to give great online shopping experiences to their customers. Mobile shopping on any device, online or offline, and featuring the functionalities of any commercial solution. Check out the demo on the website.

  • vhf
    vhfsoftware engineer

    Clean architecture and code, easy to extend/modify


    Lack of deployment documentation

    Saleor stands out as the only non-PHP alternative to dozens of PHP e-commerce solutions.

    vhf has used this product for one year.
  • Subha Bera
    Subha Berapython developer

    Graph ql and very well designed approach. Best ecomm for django


    Lack of official tutorial. Please make a youtube tutorial and step by step integration

    Great app

    Subha Bera has used this product for one month.
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Milosz Jarosiewicz
Milosz JarosiewiczMaker@miloszjarosiewicz · Digital Strategist at Mirumee Software
Hi Product Hunters! We’re excited to share what we think is the go-to solution for the third wave of e-commerce. Technology has moved on from desktop solutions to mobile-friendly platforms, and now we are entering the era of offering shoppers experience-led purchasing on any device, at any time, in any place. Saleor 2.0 offers a great range of management and dashboard capabilities for administrators, along with an unrivalled UX and UI among open source platforms, as well as being a headless e-commerce solution with PWA capabilities for offline and online end user shopping experiences. In short, have built a solution which hits all the key areas that retailers and end users have asked for. Our Django-based platform has grown over the last five years, with more and more businesses using the solution and a thriving world-wide community of superstar open source developers who love working on the Saleor platform, which now has over 2700 stars on GitHub. But we felt the time was right to work on a new version of Saleor that took the platform to new places using the latest technologies. While designing Saleor 2.0, we highlighted four key opportunities for change: - A PWA (Progressive Web App) storefront allows users to browse and purchase products across devices and platforms, providing engaging shopping experiences - A GraphQL API, utilizing React, shifts Saleor into headless e-commerce and moves the solution to a future-proof platform for development teams - Modularity from the GraphQL API allows administrators to keep the backend up-to-date with no or minimal changes in the frontend - A new dashboard keeps the best functionalities of the previous version but draws on the most desirable features of experiences like Shopify We believe in our team and are proud of what we have achieved with the release of Saleor 2.0. Why not check out the demo version on our website, which works as a PWA, and see if you love it? And feel free to leave us your comments and questions. We are always ready to talk about the project’s future and where we can take it next. Check out the demo: And, if you like what we are doing here, please upvote the project and spread some open source love!
Danny Tran
Danny Tran@hoogleyb · Teenage developer
Looks like an awesome free alternative to Shopify. This looks like something I’ll probably use in the future.
Milosz Jarosiewicz
Milosz JarosiewiczMaker@miloszjarosiewicz · Digital Strategist at Mirumee Software
@hoogleyb Danny, thanks for checking it out! Let us know on GitHub or Gitter if you need a help:
Julia Galden
Julia Galden@julia_galden · Digital Marketing Director, KiteSurfer
Great job!
Milosz Jarosiewicz
Milosz JarosiewiczMaker@miloszjarosiewicz · Digital Strategist at Mirumee Software
@julia_galden Thanks a lot!
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
Great, I will use this.
Milosz Jarosiewicz
Milosz JarosiewiczMaker@miloszjarosiewicz · Digital Strategist at Mirumee Software
@babken_karapetyan Hey! It's great to hear that, Babken :) If you'll have any questions, let us know on Gitter: