Salary Hunt

Compare Salaries for jobs from around the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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Hi everyone, maker here. I created this little app in a day as an experiment for a friend who was comparing the differences in the wages if she was to get the same job in different location in the UK. I will look to expand it in the future to world locations. Any thoughts, recommendations or feedback are welcome :-)
@adammydesign Nice work Adam, this is simple, easy to use and does the job. Thanks for taking the time to build it ship it and share it with us :)
@fredrivett Thanks Fred :) Glad you like it. I will build on it if people continue to use it and maybe add more geographical points for the rest of the world. Thanks again :)
@adammydesign Good job man! Awesome to have some salary transparency out there in tech.
@aelxnguyen Thanks Alex. I know some aren't exactly what you can expect because they are grouped by general type of work, but gives a good idea for what to expect.
Thanks everyone for the feedback and up votes, definitely wasn't expecting this much response πŸ‘ This one day project is definitely going to grow in the near future into something bigger and better with more accurate results and worldwide comparisons of your choice. If anyone has anything they would find useful, please let me know :-) Thanks again.
Very cool / useful for people outside the UK as well...
I like the simple design. As a user, I'd like to see autocomplete for position and location fields.
@mikeswcho thanks Sung. Note taken. I will add it to the site later today I think. It should be giving options for the locations via Google but I can see autocomplete would be more useful.
it's been searching for the last 5-10 mins already. an autocomplete for the two fields would definitely improve the ux.
@aramiggs that's strange. Results are usually pretty nippy. I will add autocomplete this afternoon. Thanks for feedback.