Based on a large database of comparative salary data, the salary checker let you know in a few seconds if you get paid what you deserve. Just send a text to +(1) 833 309 1600 or +(44) 7476 563500 and follow the instructions.
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Well, this SMS just cost 5K to my boss... No need to argue. She is now checking all the profiles to close the gap to keep the talents in the company. Awesome tool!
@claeress Love it! We all know that retaining talents is doing saving. Hiring and training are sooo expensive!
@claeress Best comment EVER.
@claeress Haha great comment! Thank God we also have to help your boss with the new candidates :)
@claeress Probably the best feedback ever <3
Hello fellow Product Hunt community 😀! Knowing how much you're worth is a common question and a necessity when it comes to negotiating your salary that massively lacks reliable data. Because our core product Wanted is all about empowering talent to know their worth, we've built a data-solid salary comparison tool for you to check if you're paid what you deserve. Based on multiple data points from our own talent database, we've very excited to share with you this free and accessible product for everyone to finally know if they are earning what they should. Please keep in mind that this tool doesn't have absolutely all the job titles and cities, but feel free to leave a comment so we're ensuring to update it on the next release. Thanks all! 🙏🏻
@eva_perry Thanks Eva for sharing!
@eva_perry I think you've got a great proposition. It's clearly powerful based on @claeress' experience. Interested in how you win the market and develop the pricing because you're giving huge value...
Text Message only? Similar to Magic ;) Remember this service?
@oncejean Hm, Magic...? :))
Chatbot results: What was your result?
Below the average salary for my job & city
Average salary for my job & city
Above the average salary for my job & city
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@mario_ea nice, I'd love to see at the end of the day how this will look like!
@eva_perry For now, people is below average...not a surprise right?
With the job market opening up to all remote employees, it's important to know how you're positioned vs peers, in your city and elsewhere ! Well done Wanted! Next stop: a cost of living comparator so you can identify the best spot to work from? (ie best compromise between local salary for your job vs local cost of living/taxes/etc).
There you go: Just need to combine both now and voilà!
@romainlavault Exactly, perfect combo :)