A metrics-driven eSports advertising platform

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Dylan McCarthy
@dwmcc · Decision-maker @ Sailstream.tv
Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Sailstream! We've been working on it for nearly two years, and we're finally ready to start onboarding users. We really enjoyed watching eSports streamers, but we were frustrated that many smaller streamers couldn't make the leap to full time streaming because they needed to support themselves through other means. After … See more
Rafiq Maniar
@rafiqmaniar · Founder, Crowdflow.io
Can you talk a bit about the effectiveness of these ads? It's understood that this tech-savvy gamer market is heavily adverse to ads (i.e. with >50% adblockers). I understand that Adblockers won't block these in-stream ads, but my point is that gamers go out of their way to avoid them and you'll routinely see streamers on Twitch called out for being "se… See more
Clark Chambers
@clarkchambers · Foxy.io
Congratulations on the launch. I am not a esports steaming user however this seems like a solid extension into the active viewership. Does an advertiser have control over which streamers feeds the ads appear on? What about split testing ads during an ad buy? Cheers!
Stu Grubbs
@stugrubbs · Founder & CEO at Lightstream
This is pretty intriguing, but there are some concerns... How do you confirm that ad was displayed? What prevents the streamer from loading this layer below the gameplay but still receiving credit for the impression?